Vietnam HR Summit 2015


Mr. Mark Norwacki

Director of LogicMills, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, SMU

Mark Norwacki holds a Ph.D. (Phil), Catholic University of America, with distinction, 2002, M.A. (Phil), National University of Singapore, Republic of Singapore, 1997 and B.A. (Phil), University of Pennsylvania, 1993. He is the Founder and Chairman, LogicMills Learning Centre Pte Ltd, and also Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Education) School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University. Formerly he also taught at George Washington University and Howard University, U.S.A.

With the natural talent of logical reasoning (chess prodigy in United States, developing a simple software at the age of 12 for data analysis and teaching laboratory techniques to postgraduate students, publishing first book of Programming with Paradox at the age of 16), Mark has more than 15 years of experiences in developing 21st Century Skills using games across different age group.  This led to a focus on measuring these skills from the standpoint of employability and human resource enablement. He created MirME the world’s first on-line game-based assessment of 21st Century Skills. Validated by researchers at the Max Planck Institute (Berlin), MirMe has been adopted by corporate clients including UOB (bank), RWS (resort/casino), Dentsu (advertising/PR), Safran (aircraft/aerospace), and various HR recruiters. 

 Besides more than 40 publications in psychometrics, philosophy, theology, political science, developmental psychology, and the theory and practice of education, Mark has extensive regional experiences in fields of assessment and education: the Ministry of Education in Singapore, the Indonesian Parliament and Indonesian Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, the Australian Department of Education and Training, the European Union CogNovo Research Consortium, the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development, BRAC in Bangladesh, and numerous universities, professional societies, and research institutes in SE Asia, South Asia, Europe, and North America. 

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